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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Everyone else's but mine!

Clearly... I've been too busy looking and reading other blogs than taking the time to do my own, which defeats the purpose of actually having one really, but I do have an excuse... well actually no I don't. Whilst I haven't actually enjoyed taking the time to update my own blog, I have continued to enjoy the wonderous world of blogging and my subscription list just gets longer and longer.

I've spent a lot of the past 4 weeks either in bed or on the couch (remember, avoiding day time TV is how I came to start my blog) with a chest and lung infection that doesn't want to leave my clearly accommodating body, but I can assure I would really like it to just p*** off! Those who know me, know that respiratory infections are my forte and my body is slowly becoming immune to the ingenius world of antibiotics. I've had plenty of time to wonder what makes my body so delicious to these germ spreading bacteria and my conclusion is (which I did come to on my own but was reassured by my darling who only mean well girlfriends) that like many mums... I'm trying to be SUPERMUM! I've been here before, reassured myself I wouldn't get here again and WOWZA! look where I am, right back here again! SUPERMUM VS the world of BACTERIAL INFECTIONS is getting a little boring and tiring in our house!

So with the week ahead of me off work (I love school holidays), I'm onto my next SUPERMUM not be a SUPERMUM! Wish me luck!

Stay tuned for how this mission turns out!

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  1. You are a total supermum - whether you like it or not! No matter of resting or infections would change that!