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Friday, 30 December 2011

WOWZA! I actually didn't realise that it had been 3 months since my last post! How time flies when you're having fun? or caught on the rollercoaster of life! As per the life that everyone experiences, it's been busy, fun, stressful, exciting, sad and the list could go on but you all know how it goes particularly when it comes to December and CHRISTMAS appears right under Rudloph's shining red nose! So with Christmas celebrations out the way, I've had some time to start thinking about the New Year, 2012! Yes, I'm one of "those people" who look to the New Year, with new goals and resolutions... some which stick and probably more than not, those that don't!

For some reason (not sure why yet), I'm REALLY looking forward to 2012. I turned a nice round age in 2011 and since then, I feel that my perspective has changed a little! I worried so much in the last decade about what other people thought, was I a good enough person?, do people like me? and the list could go on! Having started this new decade, I've decided that I'm not going to worry about these things any more; it's just a complete waste of energy and yes, I am a good person and yes people do like me. If no one liked me, how could I possibly have the wonderful, supportive girlfriends that I do today? The answer is.. I wouldn't have them and I wouldn't be on this ride!

So to keep with the change in thinking, on a holiday in 2011, I gained the courage to put myself on a Toboggan! Yes, I know... it's only a Toboggan but my brain sees/ hears Toboggan and thinks "injury" "out of control" "accident" and all these other negative terms which take over any sensible thinking. But this time, my sense of regret was more than my sense of injury! So, i dug deep and after watching my 3 year old! go down, I figured I had nothing to lose (maybe a finger or I could break a bone but no one ever died from those!). So on I hopped!!! And I must say I'm so very pleased I did! Not only was the view from the toboggan AMAZING! but the freedom I felt as I zoomed around the track was something I hadn't felt in a very long time! and the old cliche of the "wind in my hair" was such a refreshing feeling!

This toboggan experience also gave me a new insight into the busy lifestyles of society these days... just like the toboggan, I CAN actually control AND choose how slow or busy my life is... if I wanted to go fast on the toboggan, I pushed the lever down and if I wanted to slow things down, I just pulled the lever up, so in turn... If I wanted my life to be busy and fast, I'd say "yes" to everything but then if I wanted to change the pace a little, all I had to do was pull that level up and say "no"... it really was as simple as that. There was nothing complicated about it... it was just a matter of two simple little words... that we all struggle to say! Which one do you struggle say?

So with 2012 upon my doorstep, I'm still going to make my resolutions (I know that one of my resolutions... will definitely have something to do with one of these words... can you guess which one?)  but I'm also going to take the pressure off myself to achieve them all and allow myself to adjust them along the way as life goes up and down and around! For the first time ever, I'm going to try and take my time and enjoy achieving what I set out for myself rather than racing around like I'm on acid, trying to achieve everything all at once in the quickest amount of time possible which is how I usually roll!

With 2012 here in approximately 37 hours, I encourage you to do the same; I encourage you to not only decide which two letter word is going to be your mantra for 2012 but to also set yourself some goals for 2012 (you've got 365 days to achieve them!) but in the same notion, allow yourself the opportunity to relax and review these every week, month, 3 months whatever suits you to see if they are still suitable to where you are at the moment or where you want to be at the end of the month or year. Wherever that may be, trust that that's where you're supposed to be... 'cause you never know... it just might lead you somewhere pretty wonderful!