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Sunday, 15 January 2012

No title...

How quickly does 3 weeks of holidays go? I'll tell you.. way too bloody quickly that's for sure! I'm heading back the practice tomorrow to commence the working year. Whilst part of me is happy to be getting some routine back into our household, I'm not keen on the additional pressure that working brings either! But I'm hopeful that this year will be a little smoother as I feel I've got a bit more of a handle on myself and what makes me happy and what makes me tick, what's worth wasting my energy on and what's not etc! Whilst I may not have achieved everything I wanted to during my holidays, I am thankful that I had the 3 weeks to at least tick some things off and the other stuff will just have to be gradually ticked off as time permits after work committments, home committments, health committments and of course craft committments!

My previous post was all about goal setting for 2012... well you'll have a good laugh to know that I've only managed to fill in one goal page of my journal (and that was only done 3 days ago!). I just wasnt in the "right frame of mind" to be setting my goals so I decided that it was PERFECTLY ok to not do them then. I would much rather make the process an enjoyable one and most of all realistic one where I've had time to think and decide what I can actively and realistically achieve over the coming 350 days! This just shows me how far I've come as the "old" me would have not budged on this, they would have had to be completed on January 1, 2012 by COB and come January 2, I would have no idea what I would have written! I would have set the bar WAY TOO high and from then rolled myself successfully down the stairs in failure.

Whilst I haven't put pen to paper, there are however, a couple of things I will fill you in on (just as a reminder to myself too!) that I plan on doing in 2012...

* A photo a day - I'm going to document my life with one photo per day to represent some kind of activity that occurred. I planned on showing you the first 14 days today, but the computer was playing hardball and I'm not spending my last day of holidays fighting with it when the beautiful sunshine is calling my name! I can't wait to January 2013, when I can look back on this and see what our life was all about in 2012. I'm taking photos of stuff that aren't necessarily "big things"... more the little things that make us happy along the way.

* Michelle Bridges 12week Body Transformation - yep, I've signed up to what will be the most interesting 16 weeks (4 weeks of pre-season activities) of my life. Whilst I don't have a lot of weight to lose, that's not what this is about for me. It's about putting the last pieces of the puzzle together in my head, seeing how far I can actually push my body to see what it can achieve and most of all learning to encourage myself (rather than encouraging others and hiding behind that!). I've got some big mental blocks to jump over and hoping this programme will be exactly what I need! I started a group on Facebook for all the 12WBTers in our area and so far in 19 days we're up to 56 members and they are the most wonderful, supportive and motivating woman going around. We hardly know each other, but you certainly wouldn't think that!

* Routine - I'm a stickler (if you haven't gathered) for routine and organisation but what I realised in 2011 was it's great to be like this... but who for? It certainly wasn't for me... so this year, I'm going to be organised for ME and organise stuff that I enjoy doing and like every mother out there... (try?) and put myself first! (I was so excited the other day, I told hubby that I just need an afternoon to myself and that I was taking myself to the movies and to dinner just to regroup before someone lost their head in our house!!! And a double bonus, I spoiled myself with a pedicure after much ummming and ahhhing!).

There are lots of other things I'm hoping to look at acheiving in 2012 but until I find the right head space and more importantly make the time to sit and write these down, I"m happy with these 3 (although I'm yet to do the routine part!!)...they'll do for now and that's all that matters... NOW! Not yesterday, not tomorrow but right this minute... x